Maid of Honor – Kelly

We have been lucky to have so many amazing people in our lives, both family and friends, and we are excited to be sharing our special day with you.

As a way to highlight some of these important people in our lives, we will be writing a series of posts introducing members of our wedding party.

I am excited to introduce my maid of honor…. *drumroll please* Kelly!Kelly

Kelly and I have been friends since high school, and she also does double duty as my god-sister.

We met in freshman year of high school, and were in the same English class. However, we didn’t actually speak until one day I did something weird which caused her to label me as “that strange little Asian girl” (for the record, I was under the influence of cough medications). Our petite size, shared upbringing, and academic drive made us close friends. Over the years, Kelly has remained a constant presence in my life.

Kelly is very talented with her hands, and is an amazing knitter and cook (yum… guacamole). If I am wearing a hat, 90% chance that Kelly made it. She currently works at 92Y, a non-profit community center, and lives in New York City.



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