Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get to the restaurant?

Click on the New York Reception page for more information.

The restaurant is available by car or public transport.

Where should I park? Will I have to pay for parking?

Click on the New York Reception page for more information.

There is only street parking and garage parking available near the restaurant.

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Dress Code

Is there a dress code?

Semi-formal or cocktail attire is preferred.

Suits (neutral-coloured), shirts (any colour) and ties are optional. Go ahead and be fashionably forward with your shirts and ties, but please no jeans.

Posing is optional

Short elegant dress, though dress length can vary. Bring a coat, it is cold in November.

Bright & fun

City chic


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Can I bring a date?

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our venue size and budget, we cannot accommodate +1.

All of our friends and family are fun people, and we promise you’ll have a blast!

When is the RSVP deadline?

Please RSVP by November 15 via email, Facebook, Whatsapp, fax, snail mail (or whatever kind of communication method you want to use). PLEASE RSVP!!!

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Will food be served?

This is a 3-course lunch reception

What if I have a dietary restriction?

There will be a vegetarian option available.

Please let us know ASAP by emailing us at

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Is there a gifts registry?

In lieu of gifts, Chinese traditionally give a red envelope called 紅包 (hóngbāo). Read more about Chinese wedding gifts here. If you don’t have a red envelope, you can also use a greeting card.

Please write your name on the back of the hongbao or greeting card.

Can I take photos?

Yes – knock yourself out

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