Special mention: Andrew

There is a good friend of ours who has spent much of his time behind a camera capturing those moments that are so dear to us, and I want to give him a shout-out. His name is Andrew and can best be described as the tall Asian from Sweden, commonly spotted with lots of camera gear.

We met Andrew while we were studying abroad in China (it was an awesome year with awesome people). He spent most of his time eating my snacks, reaching tall shelves for me and using me as a tripod, but all kidding aside, he is a great friend and an amazing photographer.

He is the one who infected us all with the photography bug and the reason why Guy and I both own DSLRs. Actually, a number of the photos we have used on our website and slideshows were taken by Andrew.

So if you see him at our wedding with camera in hand, smile and wave!










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