I Can Haz Weddin Inviet?

I’ve been working on the wording and design of our wedding invitations for 5 months now, and have finally ordered them!

Contrary to what I initially thought, it was not as simple as saying “hey guys, come join us and eat cake. Hooray!” Instead it is a world bound up in etiquette and proper wording. The wording should convey subtlety who is hosting the wedding, dress code, level of formality, whether the location is in a church, if there will be food, type of food, etc etc. Yeah… how is all that to fit on 1 tiny page? Break out the magnifying glass, time to read font size 8!

Just kidding!

After practically pulling out my hair, I’m finally done with the invites, and though the wording isn’t “perfect” I think even Emily Post would not complain. It isn’t very formal, but it is us and that is the most important thing.

PS – if you wanted to know the answers to all the questions such as the dress code and what type of food, you should check out the FAQ.

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